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Comments from Catherine Harvey, The Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo

“Jono is insightful and extremely easy to work with and we trust him implicitly to execute on time, in full and on budget.”

Website improvements

Visual appeal has been dramatically improved, navigation is clear & intuitive to our consumers and ease of updating has been significantly improved – both with automatic updates based on an approved schedule, and the training that Jono provided us with.

Graphic design

We absolutely love the new website design! Jono was able to use our revised logo and incorporate the look and feel of that into the website in a vibrant, dynamic format. Jono also incorporated some of the icons of our brand (pregnant woman) and added new ones to maintain brand continuity & add interest.


We have received a lot of positive feedback from our expo clients on the freshness of the site and the ease of use. We have also had independent research conducted with our consumers, which has validated the effectiveness of the site, with 98% of respondents finding the website easy to use. The research also found that, on average, 80% of visitors to our expo have visited our website prior to attending, demonstrating the high level of engagement that the website is delivering for us.

SilverStripe content management system

For the most part the SilverStripe CMS is very easy for us to use for instant updates. The training that Jono provided was thorough and he is able to explain the technicalities in a simple, non-jargon way, ensuring that it is easy to understand. There are a few minor idiosyncrasies with the CMS that are not overly user friendly, but these have been over-come with the training that Jono provided. Any small glitches that we have experienced with the site have been quickly and proactively addressed by Jono to ensure that we are able to meet our timelines and requirements. A major benefit for us is that we are not dependent on Jono updating the site, increasing the efficiency and timeliness that we can update our site, along with reducing our costs.

Expo photography

Jono has photographed multiple expos for us over our 5 state locations and we have been extremely satisfied with his photographic work. Jono has provided a great range of photographs that we have used on our website for visitor reference – capturing the enjoyment that our visitors have had during their expo visit. Jono has also orchestrated securing our visitor testimonials for us, from taking their pictures to sending them feedback surveys and summarising the feedback for us – all done seamlessly. Jono has also captured images for us to use with our expo clients that showcase the volume of visitor traffic and visitor engagement & purchasing.

Working with Jono

Jono has become a real part of our team, understanding our needs and delivering results effectively and efficiently. He is a delight to work with, uses simple, easy to understand jargon, is proactive, provides insightful strategic recommendations and is very responsive in executing our requirements. Jono has demonstrated continuous flexibility and can meet our needs regardless of his geographical location via e-mail, phone, face-to-face meetings and utilising Skype. Jono is also very mindful of our budget and works efficiently in an effort to strive for cost savings. I have also found Jono to be very patient in his training and he has helped me out on many occasions & continues to do so.. Put simply...Jono is an absolute legend!

Why use Jono?

Strong on-line strategic recommendations & insights, seamless tactical execution of our website and photographic requirements, cost effectiveness, flexibility and timeliness. Jono has been integral in our ability to fast track our on-line growth & continues to assist us with our longer term strategic and tactical on-line requirements. His ability to work to a brief without constant supervision or input from us has further saved us staff time/money. Jono is insightful and extremely easy to work with and we trust him implicitly to execute on time, in full and on budget.

– Catherine Harvey, The Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo